Saturday, February 27, 2010

Real Clothes and Real Women

Something has been puzzling fashion reviewers about Fashion Week for F/W 2010: Fashion designers are using real women to model real clothing.

Size has been a major issue lately in the fashion community, from firings at Ralph Lauren to V Magazine's Size Issue. This past week in Milan, Elena Miro brought the issue full circle, so to speak, with some lovely derrieres (pictured above). Designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Betsey Johnson (guess who) also featured models of contour (pictured below).

Not only are designers starting to use actual women in their fashion shows, they are also designing sensible clothing to go along with them. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal named the most recent Fashion Week as being filled with "plenty of wearable clothes." Not that wearable always has a good name: "It's loaded. Sometimes it means you're not editorial enough" says Vera Wang of her recent collection (pictured below). (Wall Street Journal)

Even the avant garde Marc Jacobs (below) was said to have a simple, elegant show with tons of separates that could be "worn by real people" (Wall Street Journal).

"The wearability theme is all good news for the retailers. Buyers have been watching for clothes they can actually sell... Sales in the industry have been down for 18 months, and splashy looks aren't working like they used to. Designers want to sell clothes." (Wall Street Journal)

Let us know what you think:
Were the looks during this past fashion week banal or simply sensible?

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