Wednesday, February 10, 2010

it starts

Tomorrow marks the beginning of New York Fashion Week representing collections for Fall/Winter 2010. My question to you is this: is Fashion Week tired?

With fast fashion all around us - H&M, F21, Zara, etc. - we can absorb next season's patterns, cuts, colors and prints a whole season before they come "out." By the time many designer labels can actually process their orders and ship to stores - many of the fast fashion locations are already on to the next season. Does fashion week need to change to keep up?

Don't get me wrong - I love anticipating the new collections, dreaming up my next seasons wardrobe one page at a time. But I've already forgotten what designers did for this spring? Which is the season right around the corner!

So fellow fashion-lovers I ask this of you:
Test yourself this Fashion Week - remember the clothing. Do you see it a month from now in H&M? And will you be tired of it by the time it's actually "in season?"

Find a calendar of Fashion Week here.

love you, mean it


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  1. I HATE fast fashion, and do not support it. It's cheating! Fast Fashion stores steal the creativity and the soul from clothing by mass producing them and taking the idea of a designer. They tweak the image and make millions while the person who thought up the design gets no credit or part of the profit. VERY UNFAIR. It's should be considered plagiarism, and it needs to stop.