Friday, February 5, 2010

Catwalk Cats

Could Grace Coddington get any cooler?

Vogue creative director, Grace Coddington (god of my idolatry), is currently working on a movie about... her cats.

I almost peed my pants a little when I read it.

The movie will be roughly based on her book "Catwalk Cats," that she wrote with partner Didier Malige. The book records the couple's relationship with their "family of cats" through a series of photographs and drawings (Coddington's). It also diaries their over 20 year relationship together working in the fashion industry, through the eyes of their cats (HOW have I not read this yet?!?). "It is both a convincing argument about the fundamental similarities between felines and fashionistas, and a wonderful and moving meditation on love and family" (steidville).

The film is set to be made by September Issue's director R.J. Cutler. Who has kindly included 90 minutes of unseen footage on the September Issue DVD release, including footage of Coddington's infamous cats.

This is my suggested reading as Fashion Week approaches. Fashion Week, February 11 - 18, is being held at Lincoln Center this year instead of the usual Bryant Park (Let's see if it will do as well as Project Runway's change in location?). The move has left our lovely Grace Coddington less than enthused saying: "I'm very upset because it's so close to Vogue, I can walk" (the cut).

I hate walking too Grace, I hate walking too.

Love you, mean it



  1. This movie sounds tres interesting, and made for you since your a descendent of cats!!