Monday, March 22, 2010

Something I'd Like to do During Break

Today marked the halfway point of my post-graduate degree. With my last final taken I'm taking stock and making lists of all the things I want to do over spring break:

01.) go dancing with Barton <3!

02.) finish sewing up my dad's cookie pants (my not-so-clever name for pj pants)

03.) draft a pattern for my velvet leggings

04.) create & post new jewelry for my etsy site

05.) revamp my closet - !!!

I added that last one onto the list today after reading about Closet Couture. It's a new social networking site that is like the pinnacle of Cher Horowitz's closet. I know we've mentioned this before. But this site is like the Chanel of closet organizing sites. It lets you upload your closet and plan outfits (le duh), create a calendar with bitchin outfits you've worn (umm, hello fashion toast), plan a packing list for a trip, and match pieces from the store with items you already have in your collection. Can't decide what to wear? Hire a personal stylist for only $25. What the what?!? Yeah, your own stylist. That is radder than eating a bowl full of marshmallow cereal (don't worry kids - them's are vegan marshmallows). Vogue magazine says: "Forget Facebook...Closet Couture makes Cher Horowitz's software in Clueless look like the Oregon Trail."

To make the deal even sweeter - Jimmy Choo and Saks Fifth Avenue are pairing up with Closet Couture in a series of in-store events "centered around styling" (WWD). Closet Couture stylists will show tender lil' viewers how to style outfits for different occasions based around Choo's shoes (say that three times fast). Three lucky lil' kittens viewing this display will win a collection of 3 free Jimmy Choo shoes. Pretty radi-cool eh?

This snippet stemmed from a larger article from WWD about fashion social networking sites. The article is really interesting and I highly recommend it. Read more of it here.

Love you, mean it


p.s. photo by Makingitlovely

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  1. I want Velvet Leggings too! I just bought a velvet coat! tooo cute, thought of you when I bought it.