Saturday, August 21, 2010

Break It Down

I'm addicted to This American Life.

For those of you who haven't heard the show before. It's a radio program on NPR that tells stories about average people. Ira Glass (see that sexy hunk above), the show's host, describes it as "each week we pick and theme and bring you different stories based on that theme." One particular favorite of mine is called Numbers. I will let the blurb speak for itself:

"Numbers lie. Numbers cover over complicated feelings and ambiguous situations. In this show [This American Life brings you] stories of people trying to use numbers to describe things that should not be quantified."

I've been thinking a lot in terms of numbers lately. I know none of it matters. They are just numbers. What I should be focussing on is the now. What's happening right in front of me. But instead I'm getting stressed out trying to get everything done. Between school, working at three different places and planning a wedding - I'm getting caught up in numbers.

So today I listened to this.

Love you, mean it


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