Saturday, August 28, 2010

September Essentials: From Emily

Fall is my favorite season. I miss living in Michigan and watching the leaves change almost overnight. I miss the satisfying crunch they make under your feet. I also miss sweater weather, though I suppose living here it's always sweater weather. That being said, here are some things I'm picking out for fall this year - perhaps you'd like to try a few for yourself?

- Purple - pretty much anything awesome.

From eyeshadow to denim purple haze is where its at.

- Lace Tanktop/ Bodysuit

I bought mine from Urban but I've also seen super cute ones at Target and H&M.

- Bowties

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Bowties are amazing.

- Layered Bracelets

Break out the nostalgia and the twine and make your own. They are that much cooler when they don't come from F21. You can also find some awesome ones on Etsy.

- Kitten Heels

These are coming back in a BIG way and honestly, a lot more comfortable to walk in. Try them with chunky grey socks layered over tights for colder weather.

- Trousers

You're a classy lady - it's about time you had some trousers. Why not march yourself down to the thrift store and buy yourself a pair. They are that much better if they are about 3" too short for you ;)

Love you, mean it


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