Monday, August 23, 2010

September Battle Royale


Harper's Bazaar vs. Vogue

It's no question that the best thing Vogue has going for it is Grace Coddington. But this infamous September Issue is no exception. Touting such highlights as two Coddington spreads (one favoring the lovely, yet spoiled, Betty Draper), an article about the upcoming Fashion's Night Out (Sept. 10th), and ummm... an article on Halle Berry? The similarly priced Harper's Bazaar is far superior.

The Sept. Issue of HB includes my boyfriend Marc Jacobs as interpreted by Calvin Klein, a pictoral homage to 1930s fashion icon Daisy Fellowes, hilarious different ways Rachel Zoe could DIE, a comparison shoot of Jenny Aniston as Barbara Streisand (she's a Sadie) and an adorb's "making of" mockumentary starring Ted Danson and Jason Schwartzman. If you care about Ralph Lauren - there's an article in there about him too. So, yeah. Just spend your $4.99 on HB. You won't be sorry and you won't have to suffer through 800 pages of ads before you get to any articles. OOoooh snap...

Love you, mean it


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