Thursday, August 19, 2010

Food and Fashion Hypothesis Continues to Be Proven. Bloggers are Ecstatic.

A post by the Sartorialist:

"Ok, this was funny for a while, but the joke is over. I want my Gourmet magazine back!

Come on Conde Nast, don't you think you overreacted pulling the plug on Gourmet so quickly?
Not only was it my favorite food magazine, but it was also my favorite travel magazine. I not only wanted to eat the food but I also wanted to go to that place and meet those people.

To make matters worse the archives of Gourmet are either so buried in the Epicurious website or they are gone completely.
The only element that is still easy to find are the recipes. If that's all they thought was worth holding onto then they didn't realize what they had in the first place.

How about this Conde Nast: if Gourmet was pulled as a reaction to the economic crisis then can we set a Dow number that will mark the immediate and simultaneous re-introduction of Gourmet? Let's say at 11,000 we go quarterly and at 13,000 we are a monthly again!!

All kidding aside....I'm serious....bring back my magazine."

Okay, its really about travel, design and food. But still... its adorable. and I agree. Gimme.

love you, mean it.


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