Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How to Be Fashionable on Halloween

Nearing one of my favorite holidays (New Years Eve being my first favorite) it is important to remember how to be fashionable while still pulling off a scary ghoulish costume. This year vampires will most certainly be in vogue - but do you want to show up to the party with the same faux fangs as some ghoul who shops at Abercrombie & Fitch? Hailll nooo! Be a Buffy not a Bella. Slay em ghouls.

Here are some of my suggestions:

01. Vague Pop Culture References - Think three-hole punch Jim or a characture Pop Star like Anna Wintour (skerry!). Avoid Sarah Palin or Michael Jackson. You WANT people to say "Wait, who are you suppose to be? Itzhak Perlman?"

02. A Cute Animal - Avoid cats or bunnies (hold for the playboy joke) try something like a turtle, deer or lemur. You can totally still be sixy while avoiding the typical Spirit-animal costumes (pun intended).

03. Really Weird Runway Looks - One of my favorite examples of this is Junya Watanabe's F/W 2010 show (below)

If you do this PLEASE send pictures. I would suggest buying a $3 black n' white makeup kit from whatever Halloween store thats popped up in what used to be your favorite Shoe Pavillion. Then throw on a few trash bags to complete the ensemble. There, you're totes couture.
Other suggestions include ANYthing that Alexander McQueen has ever done or mercibeaucoup F/W 2010 reenactments (disassemble and combine 4 old gramma sweaters).

Write back and tell me your great ideas!

Love you, mean it


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