Saturday, October 3, 2009

Queen of Punk

So fashion week(s) trudge on. And on. If you are overloading on fashion and the sight of Chanel Iman is making you want to puke - read no further.

Here are some hot AND not looks from Paris this past week:

I really enjoyed the Balenciaga show. It's like a native american matrix. Or something.

- * -

Rochas also had a really great look I could get behind. Really simple classic styles, a bit forties and a bit of the underwear trend. Beautiful colors. I'm into it.

- * -

Not so great looks came curtoesy of Dior's RTW. Thanks Galliano. Way to show me something I've seen before.

- * -

Also barf-a-roni was Dsquared2 - who I usually love! What is this?! Like white-trash trucker chic?? Two thumbs down.

Please feed Chanel. That Budweiser is going to give her alcohol poisoning.

- * -

My ABSOLUTE favorite was (as always) the queen of punk, Miss Westwood. Her show was kind of a madame butterfly-DIY-jogger thing - but it worked. Overtly political and a mish-masher of genres - she somehow finds a way to tie it all together in the end. "This season, everything from ecological concerns to abolishing the “consumer treadmill” vied for attention with the mere clothes. She even pinned messages to models urging the audience to wise up to the environment and cheekily to “get a life”" (wwd).

"If there’s one thing Vivienne Westwood could never be faulted for, it’s having a dearth of ideas" (wwd).

Love you, mean it


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