Saturday, October 24, 2009

cat at first site

If you know Emily (+) Barton, you know we love cats. Like this one time, or this time, orrr this time. The list goes on and on. So when I stumbled across this blog. I kinda felt like I won the lotto.

Ihatemyacne (if you go there and figure out how to get past this awesome art please let me know) has a section called Gatopoder. Which, for those of you who don't know the espaƱol, is about cats.

This is the image that drew me in. I was all: "WHERE CAN I GET THIS TSHIRT! Oh yeah, I just click on this link" and BA Dow! Instant cat porn. Here are a few of the images that particularly relate to CAG.. and some that don't.

I particularly enjoyed the t-shirts made by the French record label le Cool Cats called: Girls and Cats.

There is something about a naked girl and a cat that is really sexy. I'm sorry! It's true!

Love you, mean it


p.s. thank you to gatopoder, ihatemyacne, maiko takeda, logan white, edie sedgwick, dusdin condrin, LE GUN, cute&cuter, deanne cheuk, united bamboo and cool cats for being so kind as to let us use your images. you rule.

p.p.s. this blog is dedicated to boxcar. we gave your favorite sleeping spot away buddy. i'm sorry. can you forgive me?

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