Friday, June 5, 2009

Time for a Break?

Sometimes I'm in the mood for a sammich.  In most vegan realities that is usually something you have to make at home.  And let me tell you, my bf makes a DAMN FINE tofurkey sauerkraut sammich.  Here in the realm of Oakland, I travel south to the Breakroom Cafe.

The Breakroom Cafe offers a fine selection of vegan sammies, snacks and desserts.  Personal favorites include the Meatball sandwich (vegan cheese makes it yummier) and the Turkey Bacon sandwich (vegan cheese not a necessity with this treat).

If you've got a sweet-tooth I'd recommend the Vegan Pumpkin Roll.  It looks like a cinnamon bun, tastes like vegan cheesecake and probably only adds 3lbs. everytime I eat it :)

The Breakroom Cafe has free wireless internet and coffee.  Although I prefer coffee from just a few blocks away at Awaken Cafe.

My suggestion for an awesome date is to ride your bikes down to the Oakland Museum at Oak & 10th St.  Check out the current exhibition.  Head over to the Breakroom for lunch, then mosey on over to Awaken for coffee after lunch.  BAM!   Instant romance.   Just make sure it's not a Saturday (the Breakroom is closed Saturdays).

The Breakroom Cafe is located at 300 13th St. on the corner of Harrison in downtown Oakland.  Mon - Fri 9 to 5, Closed Saturday, Sun 10 to 5.

Love you, mean it


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