Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I Can Haz More?

Barton and I are cat people.  No, not freaky mutant cat people like the Thunder Cats.  We enjoy the company of cats.  I don't know why crazy cat ladies get such a bad rap?  What, so a lady who has compassion for animals has to be a wack-a-doo?  I think not.  To inspire you to add another litterbox, here are some feline spec-i-mines from the fashion world.  Go snuggle a kitty...

Shirt and tote by 1Aeon.

I Can Haz tunic by Modcloth.

Ivana Helsinki leggings through Beklina.

Bracelet by Coquelicot Salon on Etsy.

Fiorucci cat suit through ShopNastyGal.

Love you, mean it


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