Friday, April 24, 2009

"If you want him, come and claim him"

I am well aware that the following statement makes me a freak.   But if I ever got plastic surgery I would get elf ears.  

They are so hot.  I'm sorry.  I watch the extras for Lord of the Rings over and over again (My boyfie and I are jonesing to get LOTR on Blueray by-the-by).

I'm so into them that I've looked repeatedly how to make them online. My favorite is this site.  Although they are a bit pointier than I'd want.  I figure I can adapt them to my taste.

Where would I wear these things to?  Would I have to come out to my friends and parents as a closeted elf?!

Maybe it's cause I'm a secret nerd.  I've been to Comic Con, Wonder Con and the Renaissance Fest more than I'd care to admit.  But half of the fun is talking shit about all the people freakier than you.  Right?   The other half is yelling Huzzah! and drinking Mead  ;)

Hope you still love me, mean it


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