Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Capucci Not Gucci

I was rummaging through my local thrift store this morning aka the lost and found, and I found a frigging Roberto Capucci scarf?!  (Thanks April!)  It's smelled like someone took a bath in Chanel No. 5 (that stuff smells like grandma).  But who cares?  Italian Couture!

For those of you asking umm, who is Roberto Capucci?  Well, I'm glad you asked!

Roberto Capucci is an Italian couturier, sometimes known as the "the Givenchy of Rome."  Capucci was born in Rome in 1929.  He established his own fashion house in Italy in 1950 and opened a couture salon in Paris in 1962 (Wikipedia).

He basically bailed from the fashion world in 1980 - making a few things here and there for select clients.  His last collection (I could find record of) was in 2001 in Paris.

“He has approached design as a form of architecture, building structures the body can inhabit, and has rejected the arbitrary dictates of what might be momentarily fashionable. Instead he deals with elements of design such as line, color, texture, and volume in a more abstract sense but always as they relate to the human body.” – Jean Druesedow

“Nature is my mentor. In my garden, quietly watching with a childlike sense of fantasy, has helped to instill in me a sense of balance and a constant search for perfection, proportion, harmony, and colour.” – Roberto Capucci

Roberto Capucci has been featured in Vogue, London Sunday Times, Interview, Town & Country and Women’s Wear Daily.

Love you, mean it


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  1. ooh. educational! i love it. teach me more!

  2. hey! my grandma and aunts have been some of his select clients... one of my favourite moments in life was when i spent a whole afternoon trying on all his dresses!
    also my aunt lent me one of her capucci dresses to take to a ball in florence, i can send you pics if you want!

  3. We would love that! <3

  4. I went to the show here and it was amazing!!