Friday, April 3, 2009

Miss Bradshaw if You're Nasty

So yet again.  I stalk the web for faux leather goods to no avail.  I want some frigging faux leather Italian driving gloves?!  Is that so much to ask for?  Is that so much?  Here's what my search came up with for faux leather driving gloves:

What brought all this about was Carrie Bradshaw... 

I was late on this band wagon I must admit.  I generally think "single women" tv shows are relegated for ladies like our mothers.  For women who also like Oprah or the View.  Barf on both counts.  But I always appreciated her fashion sense.  I just wasn't interested in the stereotypical bullshit girl drama.

It still bothers me from time to time. Charlotte will spit something stupid out or Carrie will react to one of the men she's dating and I roll my eyes.  It kills my ovaries a little.  But who else will mention Manolo Blahnik and Fendi in the same breath? I'm left with the question, are women really this girly? ;)  Just kidding.

I'm on season 4 and I'm hooked.  If anyone tells me what happens I'll grind down my toothbrush to a point and use it like a q-tip on you.  For realsies.

But seriously, i digress. Where can a girl find gloves like this in this wide world of web? red please.

Love you, mean it


pictures taken from google, nordstrom, leatherglovesonline and

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