Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Dress is a Dress is a Dress

Is it possible to have too many dresses?

I am not one to hold onto too many material things. Happily moving on creating room for growth, maturity and experimentation through new clothing.

But what is it about dresses that I cannot seem to let go of?

Is it because its a whole outfit in and of itself? Or is it that in this day and age, if you wear a dress you always stand out? Or is it the natural femininity that a dress brings out in any person (males too...I've seen even the most manly men prance and giggle when in a dress)?

So these dresses I own- they're great. I've had some of them for years, been through many high holidays, birthdays, graduations, fluctuations in weight. There is even one that my best friend from high school and I still pass back and forth from coast to coast, that I've owned since my sophomore homecoming (don't worry Phoebe, that one isn't going anywhere.) But some of them I don't wear. And some of them I don't feel great in. But over the last two years I've attended many clothing exchanges, and these dresses never make into my pile of things to give away.

This comes into my mind with my morning coffee as I was cruising my usual list of fashion sites/blogs and foodie writers and saw this on ModCloth:

dress by BB Dakota

Uuuhh...Hi. This is beautiful. I could wear it to the museum, sitting in the park and then happily out to a bar all in the same day. But how could I possibly fit it into my closet!!?? And more importantly, will my other dresses be sad if I get a new one and decide not to wear the other ones anymore? Oh man. I have issues.

Emily went through this a few weeks ago with her closet of clothing. Its hard. Buying something new brings about hope that it will last a long time not only style wise, but in one's mind as something fresh and new that will only help inner beauty be communicated externally.

I think I have my answer.

Love you, Mean it.