Friday, September 4, 2009

Etsy Finds

One of my favorite things to do next to reading business books, drinking really good really cheap wine, hanging out with people I love and crossing things off my TODO list is to window shop at Etsy.

This dates back to when I was very little and would stare at fashion magazines like my sister's Cosmo, and catalogues like Delias, and Alloy for hours.

(A side note: If I wasn't staring at those I was in my room dancing by myself, usually to something like THIS)

Now that I'm a big girl the interbot is an essential part of my daily routine, I find Etsy to be a much needed break into fantasy land. And boy! I find some great things! I decided that I would set these awesome finds free in hopes that you might find something you were looking for, discover new favorite Etsy shop AND maybe even support those Etsy shop owners.

Daily, weekly, monthly...who knows! The world is our oyster.

I am going to feature an awesome shop called Allen Company Inc. With an overall theme of beautiful pale colors, all hand picked with care...

(I think this one got sold as I was typing...woops)

(I heart this one...sighh..)

love you, mean it.