Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are...

is the accessories company I started in May 2004. The gallery I used to work at, Pr1mary Space, was doing a fashion show. I made a small run of knitted cuffs out of unconventional materials (old audio tape, plastic bags, a children's dance costume, etc.). I wondered about the previous owners of these objects? I hoped I could put some of their story into each piece. A tapestry, if you will, of a person's life.

Over a year ago Barton and I went to an giant estate sale of an old jewelry studio where we scored a bunch of vintage charms. I promised to make her many free things in exchange for the charms. I coupled these vintage charms with shrinky-dink charms that I had been hand-drawing. Many of the pieces turned out to be quirky non-sequiturs. The wearer can imagine their own story about the piece while wearing it:

How did the moth come to find these feathers?

Or what did the Elk do in the snowy winter?

(item available offsite - can be special ordered)

These stories are often times whimsical and sprawling. Reminiscent of your backyard childhood theatrics, your adventures, the animals you used to converse with. I hope you remember all these things and hold them dear.

(item available offsite - can be special ordered)

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Love you, mean it


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