Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Top 3 Fall Essentials

So, I took a que from Vain and Vapid (whom I will post more about later) and made my own TOP 3 FALL ESSENTIALS list. Things I have been searching high and low for and I know you have too, now, if only we had the money...

Numero Uno:
Carry-all purse, I am soooo over you. I long for a time when things were simpler. I long for a backpack. No hunch-back for me thank you...

Kooba Toby Slouchy Backpack in Black $575

American Apparel Backpack in Vegas Gold $42

No. 2
I've been looking for a plain grey cardigan for like EVER. All the ones at the regular skank shacks are waaaayyyy too long. So Ann Taylor, I am turning to you (seriously).

Ann Taylor Cable Detail Cardigan in grey $59.50
(also comes in oatmeal)

Vince Pagoda Cardigan from Neiman Marcus $245

3.) Accents in Ox Blood
Vampires are the new zombies. So what better way to take a bite out of fall then to cover yourself in blood. Ox blood. OOooohhh, I'm sooOo vegan.

Diva Darcie 8 Eye Boot by Doc Martens in Cherry Red $130

Maroon Non Silk Bowtie by Jaan J. $24.50

Codori Crochet Tights in Burgundy by Sockdreams $20.00

Now, tell me about your Top 3 for Fall!

Thanks for tuning into CAG.

Love you, mean it


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  1. those bags are so good. I covet this: