Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mystery Meat

I've been on a very real very serious mission lately for little black dresses. The idea behind this mission (mostly in The Mission, I might add) is that I would look effortlessly fabulous and put together just by slipping it on a putting on my boots.

I bought a dress. I love it. Its perfect. It fits like a dream and I can surely go get a hefty meal, still fit in mid food coma and look good doing it. Another element added to this dress search is the need for a bargain. Us ladies who go to school full time do not have the cash to spend on what would probably be a perfect designer dress we would live out of except that it would mean that we wouldn't eat for weeks (we get cranky when we don't eat.)

Back to the dress. I stumbled upon it at Buffalo Exchange a resale store with locations popping up everywhere. Sell your clothing, get some cash or get some more clothing. Whatever tickles your fancy, they'll do it. The catch with these places is that one may never know where these beautiful treasures have come from. Sometimes the tag gives them away, other times the tag is gone and other times (this one in particular) the designer/company/angel is no where to be found on this great thing I refer to as the Interbot.


If you have any leads on this mystery designer/design company, I'll definitely send you a lollipop and love you forever.

love you, mean it.


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