Friday, July 24, 2009

Bigger Faster Stronger

I would like to talk about something that means a lot to me: Big hair statements (yes, I am a shallow bitch). Being that women's hair is thickest and shiniest when we're 15 - most of us are out of luck. Last time I got my hair DID I asked my stylist what I could throw onto this mop to make it look gigantic-er. The only problem was that the hair product had to be vegan. Being vegan himself he mentioned Bumble and Bumble. Apparently a lot of their products are vegan and, according to most hair dressers I know, totally bitchin. I ended up opting with B&B's Multi-Talented Hair Sculpting Gel.

This guy is "the multi-talented sculpting medium that molds firm and shiny shapes, or brushes into soft, yet still-shapely forms (and it's alcohol free)" (B&B). My stylist says to use it on my roots for optimum results. The gel drys sorta quick so just sprinkle some water on your hands and rub them together when it starts to dry.

This product has the CAG stamp of approval and will only take 24 dollarinis out of your coin purse.

Today I went for a big hair statement (not necessarily BIG hair). Barton and I stopped into H&M last night coz she needed tights (who doesn't) and we got sucked in by the lovely Carrie Bradshaw flowers they had for sale there (pictured below).


I like these flowers because they come with both pins for your lapel and clips for your hair (so they, like the gel, are multi-talented). They come in a variety of colors and only cost $5.

My hair-look for the day is an office-friendly version of two ladies: the lovely Carmen Miranda and Miss Amy Winehouse. I've always loved Carmen...

...but Amy was a recently acquired taste.

My boyfriend and I caught her act on the PS3 game Sing Star (like Karaoke in the comfort of your favorite bar: your living room). While I'm still not a fan of "Rehab," I do enjoy a handful of her soulier, girl-group tunes. Namely "Back to Black." And I'm just typing to say, Barton, you were right. She does sorta rule in that I'm-too-effed-up-to-function sort of Chan Marshall way.

Love you, mean it


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