Monday, July 27, 2009

"I Cannot Be That Cool"

What little girl out there has not wanted to be a princess? Or at least taken some Disney movie idiom to heart. I know my sisters and I belted out "Part of Your World" on every car ride where the cassette soundtrack was available.

But then we grew up. We realized love isn't prescribed to us, there is no such thing as "the one" and that things don't always work out into happily ever after. Disney fooled us.

So in some small way Diane Goldstein is getting back at the idea of Princesses and the true loves that make their stories so intriguing. In her series, Fallen Princesses, she explores the after-thoughts not mentioned by the stories we memorized as kids.

This reminds me of my briefly lived music career. I broke up with my first love, cut my hair, got some bad tattoos and went to art school. My initial idea of love was ruined. If I didn't write crappy songs about him I probably would have exploded. It reminds me of one song in particular where I wrote: "I'm not Rapunzel anymore, I cannot be that cool. It's hard enough to be the only living fairy-tale in High School." Needless to say, I grew out of that. But not the sentiment ;)

Love you, mean it


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