Thursday, July 2, 2009

for your teething pleasure

mmm. blood.
A Trend with Teeth By RUTH LA FERLA
"Vampirelike glamour figures strike come-hither poses in a flurry of recent fashion publications. Portrayed as androgynous creatures in the June issue of W, they affect killer glares, their menace accentuated by their chalky pallor. In the magazine’s current issue, Bruce Willis appears about to be raked by the talons of his new wife, Emma Heming, in a series of photographs by Steven Klein."

love you, mean it.



  1. In the most recent episode of True Blood: Jessica pictured (top) is wearing the same dress that Sookie wears when she visits Bill's grave in the episode called "Four Coffins" in season one. Just a little tid bit I picked up when I was watching the show the other night ;)