Thursday, July 2, 2009

My People

I found this lovely lass in my wanderings through the fields of the internet.  Her name is Anna Emilia (best name EVER).  And of course she is Scandinavian, from "somewhere between Finland and Iceland"(Anna Emilia).

Anna Emilia's artwork reminds me of Barton's recent post.  About the type of house that she and I will live in someday.

I was looking for something else and I found this.  I love that feeling.  Finding something unexpected.  I am for once, going to be silent, and let this artwork speak for itself.

and my personal favorite:

Her artwork can be found a the Little Bird Gallery.

Love you, mean it


P.S. I will be sitting next to the ocean for the next week. Pictures will follow. I will miss you.

Currently listening to The Mountain Goats "The Coroner's Gambit."

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