Friday, July 31, 2009

Riding In Style

Barton and I commute like many fellow fashionistas.  Our prefered mode of transportation is bicycle.  And although I know it's dorky to wear a helmet: I don't want my brains to fall out of my skull when someone doors me and I have to swerve into traffic causing me to hit a pothole AND crash my bike CAUSING me to be hit by the on-coming bus!  Yeah.  You think about it too.   

So I wear a helmet.  And frankly I'm disappointed in all you so-called designers out there for not coming up with something that doesn't look like a tribal tattoo.  Bike helmets are ugly.  And as much as it hurts my pride - it saves my life.  And I never ride without it.

Here are some folks who feel that the options out there are a little less than stellar and are doing something about it:

"Brainwear for smart people" based in Denmark

Riding Pretty
Santa Cruz based shop.  6 colors to choose from.  $54.99

Nutcase Helmets $50

Sawaka Furno
"Cycling in style" £60 (One of my favorites)

"...a concept company by Kathleen Scully provides women’s cycling helmets and accessories for the fashion conscious consumer where we erase the boundaries between race style and street style.  We provide style, safety and sustainability with innovative technology bringing cycling to a whole new level of chic for the eco-fashion conscious commuter."

Get on your bikes and ride!

Love you, mean it


post inspired by the uniform project

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