Wednesday, July 22, 2009

dear creatures

One time I had a dream that the Grand Ole Opry was still cool and that Dolly Parton still dressed like she did in the 70s and everything was awesome...

Then I woke up and realized I was just dreaming about Dear Creatures.

"Dear Creatures is for vibrant individuals who desire unique clothing that reflects their personal freshness and charm" (dear creatures). When they aren't drawing inspiration from Americana, Zooey Deschanel, Valley of the Dolls, Sharon Tate and early Pricilla Presley they are getting press from every which way. They have been featured in magazines and online periodicals such as Lucky, LA2Day, Mod Life, Vice, Who What Wear, Pipeline, Bust, Daily Candy and are mid-hugungous commercial campaign for Cotton featuring Miss Deschanel.

I love them this summer and so should you. Here's why:

This is basically what I want to look like for the rest of the summer. It reminds me of Jenny Lewis, Loretta Lynn and Mayella Ewell all wrapped up in one. It makes me want to throw on a pair of teen-hooker sunglasses, some roller skates and un-button the last four buttons on a plaid shirt and tie it up. I would skate around singing Patsy Cline and wondering why people don't realize "That's not a hole-in-the-wall, That's rollergirl!" (it works on sooo many levels - think about it).

Buy some Dear Creatures here. Your Mint Juleps may just depend on it.

Love you, mean it


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