Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Target Practice

So it's a dangerous thing when you give a girl a Target credit card.  Especially with the likes of Alexander McQueen roaming the aisles.  And now!  What do they do to me?!?  They set up a line of cute (and INEXPENSIVE) designer shoes.  Fab fav designers Kari Sigerson and Miranda Morrison are putting out a limited edition shoe collection.

The shoes will be available from October 12th through December 26th.  And yes, we do accept early birthday presents.   Barton and I are both size 7 1/2.  

No word yet on if these little darlings are vegan.  But if Target has taught me anything then yes. Yes they will be.

Love you, mean it


photos and info borrowed from Fabsugar.

p.s. YES I know hooker!  I haven't posted pictures from my vacation yet.  My stoopid camera is taking a shit - I'll have them up soon.  Promise!  Cross my fingers!

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