Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Too Good To Pass Up

Sorry ladies/gents, I don't have time for more right now. Work is beating me like a two-legged dog in a rat race. But this was too good to pass up:

"As you may recall, this elite club — or organization or cult of douchebag-ery or whatever you call it — facilitates fiery, passionate love between women who work in fashion and men who work in finance by bringing them together in fancy private mixers, not unlike Patti's soirĂ©es on Millionaire Matchmaker (we imagine — we proudly do not speak from firsthand experience for either situation). Apparently the club took a little hiatus when the economy collapsed and shamed or newly broke bankers went into summer hibernation, leading to a dearth of desirables in the dating pool, and possibly a spike in crap relationships" (The Cut). Read more here.

Oh yes, it's true. My dreams of being a kept woman are SO close I can taste them ;) They taste a little like marshmallows. J.I.C.

Love you, mean it


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