Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Yaowzah! Thats Hot!

If its not a feeling of homemade things all year, or a project that take patience and gives back to its maker for months, canning/preserving has been the most appealing project for me in a long time. Bloggers (and authors) for years speak of preserving as a way to have the nutrients and the nostalgia from seasons past all year round, as well as finding canning on one's own sustainable and an important aspect of the slow food/local food movements.

To start the season, my partner in crime and I started with one of our favorite items to cook with: jalapenos, or more officially when pickled, Escabeche! Oh. Spicey, salty, flavorful yumminess making everything it touches gold. It tastes like summer, and if done correctly, feels like summer too (Ooh! Spicey!)

We fused and played with two different recipes. This one from Gluten Free Girl and another from Simple Recipes. We added sliced carrots and white onions so it was more of a traditional escabache pepper mix.

Next project? PICKLES.

love you, mean it.

barton (and friend)

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